628: Most Creative

A Thousand Things to Talk About
A Thousand Things to Talk About
628: Most Creative

Where are you at your most creative?

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Creativity and inspiration can feel very much like magic, even to those that are creatively inclined. Creativity is also incredibly personal, with what sparks and maintains creativity being different for different people. That doesn’t, however, mean that it is impossible to systematically investigate and understand at least some elements of what creates… creativity.


Dr. Donald MacKinnon, director of the Institute of Personality Assessment and Research (IPAR) at UC Berkeley had a lot to say about creativity after dedicating an extensive amount of research to the subject. Quoting from Brain Pickings’ reading of some of his articles, quote:


The evidence is clear: the more creative a person is the more he reveals an openness to his own feelings and emotions, a sensitive intellect and understanding, self-awareness, and wide-ranging interests, including many which in the American culture are thought to be feminine. Many subjects indicated that as children they had enjoyed a marked degree of autonomy from their parents. They were entrusted with independent judgment and allowed to develop curiosity at their own pace without overt supervision or interference.


Most persons live a sort of half-life, giving expression to only a very limited part of themselves and realizing only a few of their many potentialities. The creative person has the courage to experience opposites of his nature and to attempt some reconciliation of them in an individuated expression of himself.


If you feel like your creativity is lacking, then there are plenty of research-backed ways to kickstart that creativity or develop more creative environment. Depending on what works for you, it could be getting lost in something you love, learning something entirely new, creating a habit of creativity and creation, or – and I’m serious here – taking a nap.


No matter what you decide, there is often a time, place, or environment that can be experienced or created where every person feels creative. So what’s yours?

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