532: Cuddling

A Thousand Things to Talk About
A Thousand Things to Talk About
532: Cuddling

Do you or would you cuddle while you sleep?

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According to a recent clickbait article I was tricked into reading, my relationships are doomed because we don’t cuddle one another within an inch of our lives every moment of the night.

Ok, that’s probably a bit overstated. But there’s definitely a theme that cuddling is of course what you should do at night with your romantic — or even non-romantic — close relationships.

According to, even among bed-sharers, only 13 percent cuddle close, while 63 percent sleep without touching their partner.

The Sleep Matters Club points to a few other statistics – quote:

Two-thirds of Brits (64%) said they cuddle in bed with their partner every night. 39% of those went on to say they cuddle regularly. Scotland had the cuddliest responders, with just 9% of them saying they don’t do it at all.

But – there’s plenty of reason to not cuddle, too. Sleep Matters Club continues quoting the study by sharing the reasons people do not cuddle:

Their partner snores (20%)

They find it too hot (19%)

They don’t feel the need to (18%)

They’ve been with their partner long enough not to cuddle (17%)

By the time they get to bed, they fall straight asleep (15%)

No matter what your preference is, as Thrillest puts it:

You need to have the “cuddle conversation” the first time you have a sleepover. It just might be the most important talk of your relationship. If you’re with a new partner who doesn’t know how to sleep like a normal human being, instead always clinging to you like a malnourished baby koala, you need to have a conversation and right this ship immediately.

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