490: Extended Facebook

A Thousand Things to Talk About
A Thousand Things to Talk About
490: Extended Facebook

Do you have your extended family on your Facebook?

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Family, especially extended family, can get complicated at best. When you combine that with the connectivity afforded to each other — and the world — that social media provides, it can be a potent mix.

There’s a lot of research out there about the health benefits that come from maintaining strong relationships. Some studies, such as one published by the Harvard Health Publishing Women’s Health Watch in 2010, highlights that those connections help us stave off dementia and myriad health problems.

Yet – there’s also plenty of research pointing out that negative and toxic family interactions can have just as much of a negative impact — if not more — than not having connections at all.

The good – or perhaps bad – news of this whole situation is that having someone on your social media feeds and having a relationship may be two very different things. As one interviewee whose parents had cut him off said to the New York Times in an article about estranged family on social media:

“I don’t think Facebook helps heal family relationships,” he said. “It just adds a new dimension of gossip, hearsay and visuals.”


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