457: Why You’d Move

A Thousand Things to Talk About
A Thousand Things to Talk About
457: Why You'd Move

Do you have a “hard line” of when you’d move to a different city / state / country, despite the challenges?

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When I first asked this, there were plenty of questions about what exactly this meant. To clarify, I was talking about a point at which you’d move no matter what else. For example, a law being passed, an interpersonal factor, an outside job offer paying a certain amount more, etc…
In episode 29, we talked about moving to areas that are friendlier to who are you are or who you want to be. Then in 388, we broke down the impact that a religious majority might have on that decision. Taking a step back, though, the specific “breaking point” for every person is going to be different.

There’s four major factors in migration — when someone moves from one place to another – economic, social, political, and environmental. Factors under all four of these categories can be either “push” or “pull” factors. Pull factors are the things that are pulling a person towards the new place.

What we are talking about today is the other side – push factors. The things that push you away from the place you are currently living towards somewhere – anywhere – else. It’s important to note that these push factors are not something that someone always gets a choice about. War, famine, and political oppression are often factors that will force someone out of their home.
What I’m curious about is what push factors may have an impact on you, and what your “breaking point” – when it wouldn’t be so much a choice of moving as a necessity – would be?

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