448: Hypothetical Choices

A Thousand Things to Talk About
A Thousand Things to Talk About
448: Hypothetical Choices

If given the option (an assured income, place to live, etc), what country / city would you move to?

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The choice of where to live is informed by so very many things that are so incredibly individual. The kind of place that you want to live, the environment of the city, perhaps where your family is, perhaps what kind of environment you are comfortable with…. And for many people, what kind of job you get and where that company or organization is located.

It’s a thought experiment that I once had a trusted friend suggest I undertake when I was job-hunting. Rather than think about all the practicalities of cost of living and job and availability of housing — to think through instead what kind of place I wanted to live, and why.

It’s an exercise that uncovered a lot of things that I hadn’t realized I was looking for in a place to live. When you uncouple the factors that limit choice, you can discover what values your living place may – or may not – couple with.

And it’s becoming much more than an academic exercise. As more white-collar offices support remote working, or even contract jobs done remotely, it creates an opportunity for someone to truly choose where they live completely uncoupled from where they work. For tech companies or companies based in high cost of living areas, this becomes both a benefit for their employees — who can choose to live somewhere less expensive and pocket the difference. However, this also means that there’s a big challenge for jobs that simply cannot be done remotely — meaning a high cost of living can become a limiting factor for employment options.

So – imagine life without that limit. If employment played not at all in to your decision, where would you live?

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