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The Beginning of A Thousand Things to Talk About

Originally posted December 29, 2014 at

So back in 2013, I started doing something kind of random on my Facebook page: every weekday (with a few skips or additions here or there), I have been posting a Discussion Topic of the Day. These topics range from philosophy to religion, sex, work, politics, current events and more.

I never intended it to be a big thing, but it’s been extraordinarily fun to see the conversations my friends have about these topics — and WOW do opinions range!

I did try putting the Topics on Twitter as well as Facebook for a good month or so somewhere in the middle, but consistently the conversation on these was minimal. My guess is that the more “closed” environment of my (relatively locked-down) Facebook friends list provided a sense of security; or maybe it was the magic Facebook Algorithms putting my topics “higher up”. I’m honestly not sure.

I’ve also been pondering what else to do with these topics… the one thing I’ve decided on for sure is that I’ll continue posting the Discussion Topics on my personal profile. Other than that, who knows? I’ll continue pondering… and thank you everyone for your incredible insight on these topics!