Deep Dive Collaboration: Defining Art

A Thousand Things to Talk About
A Thousand Things to Talk About
Deep Dive Collaboration: Defining Art

What Is Art?

This collaborative episode exploring art and how defining it creates challenges, opportunities, and even cost has been a collaboration between Jennifer Dasal’s Art Curious Podcast. For lots more photos of the pieces of artwork mentioned in this podcast, visit her website.

As a note: even if you only have a passing interest in art or visual art (or mysteries, or ghost stories…) check it out!

Show notes and links:
The Art Story : Dada
ART; Is It Art? Is It Good? And Who Says So? The New York Times
Is it Possible to Define Art? Brooklyn Rail
The Definition of Art Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Treasonous Clerk: Saint Augustine and the Meaning of Art First Principles Web Journal
Modern Theories of Art 2: From Impressionism to Kandinsky
Adding Value to Innovation: Impressionism and the Transformation of the Selection System in Visual Arts Organization Science
“But Is It Art?” Constantin Brancusi vs. the United States
Cuba’s in the Air: The Legal Challenges to Loaning Art from Cuba due to Judgments under the State Sponsored Terrorism Exception Center for Art Law
Obscenity Case Files: Miller v. California Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Art of Trial The Thomas Jefferson Center
Judging Aesthetic Value: 2 Live Crew, Pretty Woman, and the Supreme Court 1995-96 Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts Handbook