82: Sharing sex lives

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82: Sharing sex lives


Roommates and sex lives: what kind of rules have you set / do you set for your roommates bringing guests over?

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Roommates are on the rise for a number of reasons, and or many roommates this means having a bit of an awkward conversation at some point – about guests, especially the sexy fun times kind of guests.

It may seem weird to jump right to the sex question, but frankly, roommates are individuals you are sharing a financial relationship and your living space with. And living – from sleeping to eating to hanging out – often includes getting laid, or at least having other people occasionally visit your shared living space.

The rules you and your roommate set could have a huge impact on your life – perhaps even more so than the guests you have over. The biggest advice I could find, no matter what the source, was simple. Have the conversation. Before the situation is such that you have to, and set rules that will actually work for both of you.

But that leaves out the most fun part – what kind of rules do you or have you had?