636: Decor

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636: Decor

How often do you change decor?

On December 1, 1994 HGTV went on the air. So it’s not really a surprise that by 2012, the Globe and Mail published an article with examining the obsession with changing decor. Quote:

The more social pressures women face, “the more likely they are to actively try to control the things they can, like the body or the home,” says Joyce Davidson, an associate professor at Queen’s University who has studied how women express themselves through their home environments.

Decor projects may offer the promise of perfection for women disillusioned by their attempts to control their ever-changing bodies, Davidson ads. “The idea is that perfection might be more easily attainable if you buy the right lampshade or vase, but you’re never going to achieve the right-shaped [butt].”

Now, to be fair, there are theories out there that correlate constantly moving furniture with an attempt to gain control as a part of anxiety disorders, or as a way of refreshing your space to think more clearly.

No matter what your reason or reasons for changing decor may be, from celebration to just getting a new perspective, choosing to do so is yet another way to take control of the spaces we inhabit.

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