558: Long Day Dinner

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558: Long Day Dinner

What’s your go-to, long-day dinner?

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We’ve talked a lot about food and cooking in previous episodes — Episodes 107, 297, 331, and more. I could opine for years about the importance and value of and philosophical awesomeness of food. But sometimes, after a long day and when we’re just tired and hungry, food that is fast, easy, and nourishing (perhaps to body, perhaps to soul) is usually the order of the day.


In Bee Wilson’s book Consider the Fork, which overs how the tools that we use for food are impacted by and create the way we eat, the author explores how what’s considered quick and nourishing is often determined, in part, by the tools we have around.


A smoothie or milkshake might be your favorite dinner, but to someone without a blender, it represents a lot of hand work that may or may not be worth it. Cereal with milk could be what you eat without thinking about it, but hand-making cereal is a whole different story.


In Bon Appetit’s Original Gourmet series, it took pastry chef Claire a week or more to figure out how to get anywhere close to dry cereal… and it still fell apart in milk.


This is something that I first started thinking about in the years right after college, when trying to make my favorite fast dinner of poached eggs and toast became a chore — due to the lack of a toaster.


In other words, the kind of foods that we cook and enjoy is heavily influenced by the ingredients that we have readily available, the tools that we are comfortable using and have, and what we have the emotional energy to eat – or not.


And that’s before we even get in to nutrition. Then again, there was a point in my life that I figured out that a soy mocha has the right combination of carbs, protein, and fat to sustain life, especially with multivitamins.


So after a very long day, what’s your go-to meal? Is it something you cook, or does it just involve tapping a few buttons to have something delivered?

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