543: Back Again

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543: Back Again

What project would you like to get involved with again?

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So you’ve left something… and then realized that maybe going back wouldn’t be the worst thing. It happens more often than you might think — but now there’s a clever name and a bunch of corporate articles about it. Called “comeback kids” or “boomerang employees”

In 2016, a LinkedIn’s VP wrote for Business Insider:

New research shows that the winds are changing favorably for boomerangs. A recent survey by Workplace Trends revealed that “nearly half of HR pros said their organization previously had a policy against rehiring former employees — even if the employee left in good standing — but 76% said that they are more accepting of hiring boomerang employees than in the past.”

Looking deeper into that study, completed in 2015, it found:

46 percent of Millennials would consider returning to their former employer, compared to 33 percent of Gen Xers and 29 percent of Baby Boomers.

That study also found that when employees and employers part on good terms, there’s a much higher likelihood that the employee would consider coming back to the company when there is a better position, better pay, or simply better experience is available.

Now, jobs aren’t the only projects that we get involved in. No matter what type of project you do get involved in, there is a lot to be said for going out and having new experiences that can reinvigorate your experience and perspective. Assuming, of course, that you actually want to return.

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