53: Moving between A and B

A Thousand Things to Talk About
53: Moving between A and B

Today, we’re talking about moving between points A and B.

Do you find times of transition scary? Powerful? Unsettling?
Refreshing? None of the above?

Show notes and links:
Transition Management (Wikipedia)
What is Transitional Justice? (ICTJ)

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If only one thing is changing, or if thousands of things are changing, all of us have very different reactions to the move between points A and B. Times of transition also often come with their own rules and their own structure. There are, in fact, entire disciplines of study and management devoted solely to these times of transition.

For example, transitional justice. It’s a discipline that recognizes that in the aftermath of massive human rights abuses or war, justice is much more than simply holding to a preconceived system. Transitional justice focuses not just on criminal prosecutions, but also reparations, institutional reform, and even truth commissions to help bring a society or group back together.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, in the financial industry there’s a job called Transition Management that has since been adopted by a wide range of businesses. Transition managers are held responsible for all of the intricacies of ensuring legal, communication, management, and other details of a transition that could be missed by those that are not experienced or knowledgeable in the differences between the two systems.

To some extent, many everyday people hire their own transition managers. It’s a part of what realtors, school counselors, and financial planners help us do.