51: Fear

A Thousand Things to Talk About
51: Fear

Today, we’re talking about fear.

How do you handle fear?

Show notes and links:
The anatomy o fear (Emory)
Ten ways to fight your fears (NHS)
Neck injections a viable treatment for PTSD, researchers say (Military Times)

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Sometimes, the thalamus and amygdala seem to have it out for us. By transmitting a message of fear before any higher cognition can get involved, these two brain structures manage to cause a whole host of reactions, from a simple adrenaline rush to long term, complex PTSD.

The management of fear, and our reaction to it, is a huge part in developing how we interact with the world. After all, everything from a fearful unknown to the very real understanding of fears based in experience has an impact on how we interact.

Fighting your fears can be, much like in Frank Herbert’s Dune, a matter of facing them, letting them wash over and through you. Or, for those that have an overactive fear response, it may take more. Dr. Lipov in Chicago has been experimenting with a PTSD treatment being called the Chicago Block, which works by interrupting connections between the sympathetic nervous system and central nervous system, and it’s showing very promising results.

But no matter what, fear is something we all experience. So how do you handle yours?