497: Cooked

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497: Cooked

How often do you cook?

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Food and cooking is something we’ve talked about several times over the last several hundred episodes. We’ve got at least three other episodes that discuss the emotional labor of meal prep, the amount of time being spent cooking, and how we tend to choose the food that we eat.

But in amongst all of that is the question of if we cook, well, at all. In larger cities especially, and also in many times in history, the mere existence of a kitchen in a living space isn’t a given. In ancient Rome, according to BBC’s podcast A History of the World in a Hundred Objects, very few homes had kitchens — eating out was much more common, and everything from fast food to fine dining was either eaten on the street or delivered. A brazier was often used for heat and light cooking, but very little.

In modern homes, kitchens are often where a significant portion of time, money, and emotional energy is spent. It’s entirely normal to see restaurant-style high-cost kitchens in homes. There’s a counter-trend too,  though, where homes with no kitchens at all are happening more and more often. In the New York TImes, the reporter discusses an apartment that was rented out with no kitchen — but at only $600 per month. For that kind of a cost, eating out for every meal seems a lot more do-able.

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