478: Facebook Limits

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478: Facebook Limits

Do you consider “liking” a Facebook page an invitation for them to contact you?

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Recently, Facebook has been slowly rolling out a new set of features for select businesses on Facebook, and man is it throwing some interesting wrenches in the world of social media management. There are some pages that, after you “like” them or visit their website, may actually invite you to a conversation on messenger.

It’s a controversial tactic, to put things gently. And it’s not limited only to Facebook, honestly. If you’re on LinkedIn or Twitter, you’ve probably gotten at least one connection request or chosen to follow someone and then almost immediately gotten a private message quote-unquote inviting you to visit their webpage, fill out a form, contact them for whatever product they are selling, or schedule a phone call to discuss how they can help you make your millions.

A study quoted in Jay Behr’s Hug You Haters, which is admittedly a few years old now, found that only about 40% of those who are talking about a business on social media expect that business to actually respond. I’d imagine if that same study were done today, the number might be higher — around 50%  — but still not 100%.

And therein lies the rub. While social media has been around for well over a decade, there’s still not a completely solid set of norms of what “liking” a page gives the business the latitude to do, compared to you proactively reaching out and requesting contact.

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