472: Family Tradition

A Thousand Things to Talk About
A Thousand Things to Talk About
472: Family Tradition

What’s your most valued family tradition?

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Just about anyone could go circles and circles about if tradition is a quote-unquote good or quote-unquote bad thing. That’s a moral judgement that can take into consideration a hell of a lot of criteria that are very individual.


Whatever you view as a tradition, though, there’s a lot to be said for appreciating them for what they are — as a path to what they mean. As one author on Popsugar moms wrote in describing how she grew up without family traditions:

I can see why traditions were eschewed in my family. Partly out of necessity and partly stemming from a lack of desire, being rigid and conforming to the expectations of special events adds more pressure than necessary. I may feel like I missed out on having some vital traditions, but I was never not loved, and I always still got to celebrate the holidays; we just did so in our own, ever-changing way.


Of course, it’s not a cut and dried answer. Developing our own personal traditions that fit within our family dynamic is important to me, but being raised without them has also taught me the value of being flexible.


One of my personal favorite family traditions didn’t develop until my siblings and I were all grown and out of the house — and continues to shift as our family shifts and changes. Traditions, much like anniversaries and celebrations, can help mark time and celebrate those that have impacted your time.

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