467: Scars

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467: Scars

What’s your favorite story behind a scar or injury?

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In the forward to a 2014 book called Who I Am: American Scar Stories, David Mezzapelle wrote:

“We endure marks upon our lives every day — some good, some not so good. According to most dictionaries, a scar is defined as ‘a mark left on something.’ No matter how you look at the definition, people with scars are still people. This book celebrates people and how every one of us is special, including our special marks.”

There’s a variety of books and photo essays and series out there that highlight individuals with scars, their stories, and how those scars both came about and impact their lives. Scars contain a certain kind of magic — because they are external indicators of experiences.

In a 2015 Refinery 29 article, 28 women shared photos of their scars, with the introduction explaining:

“Scars are accumulated over a lifetime. From the faded, skinned knees of childhood to precise surgical scars from later in life, they make up both small and important stories from our lives. Sure, they represent healing and the challenges we’ve overcome, but they can also be a source of embarrassment, shame, or pain. And, in a world where photo retouching rules, the pores, blemishes, and scars that adorn so many women are often forgotten. Not every scar represents trauma or disease, but some do. Others are just the normal result of living a life where shit happens.”

Currently, there’s several photographers taking on the task of documenting both scars and the story behind them. Sophie Mayenne is the most recent, with her behind the scars project on Instagram creating an incredible community around their stories and experiences.

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