464: Effective Teachers

A Thousand Things to Talk About
464: Effective Teachers

Who was the most effective teacher you had? Why?

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Teaching is a calling, a profession, a skill… and about a million other things. Formally or informally, being in the position of a teacher is a powerful position of influence. Rather than quoting some of the thousands of philosophies of teaching, I figured I’d share what some of the first answers of this question were like, and I’d love to hear your stories.

“She encouraged me to do the things I loved and to push my self. She also identified that I was color-blind and helped me overcome it in my everyday life”

“My high school math teacher recognized my strengths in math and allowed me to create my own math class for a semester to challenge myself. If all of high school had been like that, I think I would have felt much more successful.”

“High School physics teacher. This was the first class I ever felt challenged. The teacher installed a love of physics in me by his approach. To this point in school I was pretty much bored out of my mind.”

“He gave me a space to create and slack off, but forgave the teenage part of myself while I learned to use my unique voice. I can’t even remember how many writing classes I took from him. I just remember that when I had him for my first required freshman English class, that first day of high school, it was like an entire world of laughter, weirdness, self-expression, wild fun, and fresh escape was within my grasp. I was a writer before his classes, but I’m STILL a writer BECAUSE of what he taught me. And we’re still friends today because he cares deeply about his work and his students.”

“My father because he said to question everything.”

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