445: Something New

A Thousand Things to Talk About
445: Something New

What new thing are you encouraging people to try?

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Raise your hand if, like me, you ended up having conversations about some new “thing” at some point over the last few weeks. For me, it was explaining to my parents both what ghosting is — and what an Instapot is used for. I didn’t particularly encourage my parents to try either one, but man did we have a long conversation about how rabid of a fanbase Instapots have.

People truly seem to enjoy sharing something that they truly enjoy. And while episodes 52, 283, and 308 all discuss how trying new things can be great for us — how our brains enjoy the hit of something new and exciting. But what none of those episodes talk about is how, once we feel like we’ve found something awesome, we tend to talk about it. A lot. Sometimes, at length that even our best of friends can get a little tired of.

We’ve all got that friend – the one that thinks marijuana cured their cancer, or the one that thinks this new lipstick they found is one that you just HAVE to try.

A lot of the recent research around this topic is based mostly around the fact that word-of-mouth happens to happen mostly online, but even offline many of the same ideas tend to hold true. We tend to encourage people to try new things when we think they’ll enjoy it or when it may be helpful to them, because sharing information and feeling like we’re letting someone in on a secret tends to be an action that reinforces our social relationships and strengthens our social capital.

In other words, worst-kept secrets are sometimes — at least when it comes to trying new things — the best thing to be.

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