396: 20 Minutes

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396: 20 Minutes

You’ve got 20 minutes to yourself. What do you do?

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Today’s question: You’ve got 20 minutes to yourself. What do you do?

No matter what you do with your everyday life or what kind of schedule you keep, it seems like that one-third hour break that occasionally appears in schedules can be a difficult one to figure out. But – there are lots of things you could do with 20 minutes that could benefit in the long run. For example,

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that very short naps of 20 minutes or so can be very beneficial. These so called “power naps” have off and on been very popular in the world of professional and personal development advice, but the fact remains that it can help, especially if you are sleep deprived.

If you’re not quite feeling like a nap, there’s dozens of different studies of there about the potential benefits of taking a 20 minute walk. Beyond exercise in general, it is also good for improving bone density, and is long enough to create a small endorphin hit in your brain.

Walking could also be a part of a different practice – meditating. That’s another activity where this 20 minutes a day suggestion pops up, with results ranging from improving focus to reducing anxiety. The key there is just finding a way of meditating that works for you.

Or perhaps reading – yet another “20 minutes a day” activity – is more your style. One study suggested that reading frequency could expose someone to nearly 2 million words a year, improving vocabulary, among other things.

There’s plenty of other things that might be suggested, or that you may already do – and that’s part of what’s awesome. 20 minutes may not see like a lot, but if you, like many people, are scheduled up to the eyeballs, that 20 minutes of time to yourself could be more precious than you realize.

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