17: Selling art

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17: Selling art

Today, we’re talking about selling your work.

Specifically, How do you price your art?

Show notes and links:
The Paradox of Art as Work (The New York Times)

Art and Money: an irreverent history (Google Books)

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There is a long standing tradition of the “starving artist” – someone who is in it purely for the expression with has no interest in money.

Yet art and money have always been deeply intertwined. As “Art and Money: an Irreverent History” outlines, even those old master artists we all know had a very intimate relationship with the price of their art.

In March of 2014, the National Endowment for the arts released a report stating that two million Americans listed “artist” as their employment.

And employment it is. For millions of self defined artists – or anyone making a living off creative work – the act of putting a price on their work can be deeply conflicting. So how to balance the expression of creativity with the need to eat and pay rent?