14: Hiding

A Thousand Things to Talk About
14: Hiding

Today, we’re talking about that which shall not be named. Specifically…

Does hiding from something make it more powerful? If so (or if not), why?

Show notes and links:
Some Determinants of Conflict Avoidance  (Chinese University of Hong Kong)

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He Who Shall Not Be Named. Let’s just not talk about it. I don’t want to think about it. I figured if I ignore it, it will go away, right?

Ever say one of these things, or deal with someone who did? I have. Hiding from something – and especially hiding from conflict – is one of the ways that we as human beings deal with the world. One study from China found that individuals were more likely to hide from conflict if it involved low stakes or someone in a similar social group as them. However, there are also very big things we all have been known to avoid. Here are two of the answers that have already been brought up in discussion:

  • “Absolutely. The things I pretend aren’t happening are the things that own me.”
  • “I think it depends. I find that there are times when I hide from things because I can’t handle the world. I recharge and get stronger, which makes what I’m facing weaker by comparison. “