13: Burnout

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13: Burnout
Photo: Andrea Parrish

Photo: Andrea Parrish

Today, we’re talking about burnout. Specifically…

Is citing decision fatigue a legitimate reason to ask someone to wait for an answer on an important question?

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Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength (Amazon)

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Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how logical, rational, and careful you are. Sometimes we all make bad decisions. What exactly goes into those bad decisions is a matter of much inquiry and consideration – partially because bad decisions can have such long-ranging impacts. Several studies by psychologist  Roy F. Baumeister (later expanded on in his collaborative book) suggested that willpower is a limited and trainable resource — and can be tired out. A number of later studies have confirmed that asking individuals to make long strings of difficult or challenging decisions has a serious impact on the objective quality of those decisions.

So if someone says that they have decision fatigue, and you’re waiting for a decision from them, do you consider it a “legitimate” reason? Or is the decision fatigue just another factor to consider and not a great reason for making you wait? How do you, personally, handle decision fatigue?