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The First Love the Questions Dinner

I truly believe that asking questions can be transformative and intimate in a way that few other things can. There’s a power in questions, because they invite the creation of a shared space. If everyone involved chooses to accept the invitation, then a certain kind of magic happens.

As a way of exploring this magic beyond the podcast and social media, we tried an experiment in November of 2017: a curated dinner party. The dinner consisted of eight adventurous guests at Tsuga Arts Gallery in Spokane’s Perry District.

The idea was fairly simple: bring together eight people who were up for an evening of meeting new people, sharing conversation, and accepting the invitation of shared space.

The conversation was guided over three hours by carefully selected questions from the database.

It was an incredible evening. What some of the attendees had to say:

I thought it was the best dinner party I’ve ever been to. Engaging, entertaining, thoughtful.

It was poignant, hilarious, illuminating. Ultimately, it reminded me that we know so little about people. What we see is just the tip of an iceberg.

I am looking forward to having more of these dinners! I’ll be curating more of the dinners in the Spokane area for individuals, as well as teambuilding events for corporate and business groups. Interested in a Love the Questions dinner with your group? Contact me!